Theater Buiten de Muren performs at WHO-conference Prison Health 2024

On April 18 theatre platform Theater Buiten de Muren will perform scenes from live within a forensic care facility at the 2024 prison health conference from the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. Written ánd performed by patients themselves, the group will take policy makers, healthcare professionals and scientists on a journey along the storyline of someone in the judicial system.

Beeld: ©Valerie Kuijpers

The conference is co-hosted and –organised by the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology, as part of the Dutch Custodial Services and the ministry of Justice and Safety. The theme of the conference is Mental health and wellbeing in detention: prison health is public health.  

Nederland gastland WHO-congres over zorg in detentie in 2024

Theater Buiten de Muren develops theatre based on real experiences to build a bridge between live within the walls of a forensic facilty and society. Theater Buiten de Muren is an initiative from De Forensische Zorgspecialisten.

At the conference, a wide variety of topics regarding mental health will be discussed with international speakers and participants, such as the epidemiology of mental health conditions, substance use disorders and the improvement of identification and diagnosis of those in need.

Both the WHO Regional Office for Europe, the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology and other organising partners aim to improve the health of people living in prisons and other places of detention worldwide.

Beeld: ©Valerie Kuijpers