Pieter Baan Centre

The Pieter Baan Centre (PBC) is a psychiatric observation clinic, officially a remand centre, located in Almere. The PBC is part of the NIFP.

People who are suspected of committing a crime, often a serious one, are evaluated in the clinic.

Judges give instructions for an examination in the PBC if they think that something may be psychologically wrong with the suspect.

Examination in the PBC usually takes six weeks. During this time, the suspect remains in the clinic.

The examination and the psychiatric evaluation report

A team including a psychiatrist and a psychologist examine the suspect. At the end of the examination, the team that has conducted it writes a report containing advice to the court. This psychiatric evaluation report is called a 'pro Justitia' report in Dutch.

A person can commit an offence as a result of a psychological disorder. In that case, that person can be held less, or even not at all responsible for their actions. In the PBC report this is called ‘the degree of responsibility’. The judge may then reduce the prison sentence or even choose not to impose one, but to order treatment instead. The report also assesses the risk of reoffending. This is called the recidivism risk. In addition, the report examines what treatment the suspect might need.

Independent position

The PBC examines people who are suspected of committing a serious crime. The judge has therefore not yet imposed a sentence on those people. The PBC’s examiners do not try to answer the question whether the person before them has actually committed the crime. Nor do they make any statements regarding the sentence that person should get.

Advice on detention under a hospital order (TBS)

The PBC also advises on people who are staying in a secure psychiatric institution under a hospital order. The advice is on whether their stay should be extended or not. In addition, the PBC advises on treatment programs for people who are detained under a hospital order.